About Us

John Foord Analytics is a comprehensive, 
global and simple to use online platform 
to help owners, insurers and advisors 
estimate current reinstatement costs for 
fixed assets across their whole portfolio.

Powered by John Foord, a leading independent global asset valuation practice, the all-new platform provides real-time data to clients on reinstatement values for a vast array of asset types and occupancies across the world.

By simply entering some readily accessible information on a location, John Foord Analytics can provide an immediate estimate of current costs to a high degree of accuracy based on analysis of thousands of similar locations.

Containing the experience and data of decades of valuation history, John Foord Analytics is driven by proprietary models and algorithms based on tens of thousands of hours of data science analysis. The platform applies the latest in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies.

John Foord Analytics is constantly validated with external data sources and valuation research by John Foord, who continue to offer on-site valuations through their expert appraisal team for more complex risk cases.

John Foord Analytics is committed to delivering real industry
value, creating significant change, and disrupting the endemic under-insurance crisis across the insurance sector.

Providing not just data, but also credibility, improved insurance relationships and operational efficiency, the insurance market has been crying out for a new way to determine accurate costs, designed for a rapidly evolving world.

John Foord Analytics supports insurers, advisors, financiers and asset owners who want to secure accurate and straightforward reinstatement costs delivered instantly – anytime, anywhere.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to learn more at: analytics@johnfoord.com